10 reasons to visit Yogyakarta! {in photos}

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Yogyakarta or fondly known as “Jogja”; the cultural capital of Central Java and one of my favourite places in Indonesia! {I know, I have many favourite places in Indonesia! All for good reasons!} But anyone that has been to Yogya, loves it and will always return. There’s just something special and unique about this growing little city that you can’t deny; from the fascinating cultural and historical landmarks to eating the best kepiting sambal or sate on the side of the road, lesehan style. So, today I want to share 10 reasons to visit Yogyakarta!

I’m reminded on a daily basis of the many thousands of tourists that love and continue to travel to Bali, but…why not venture to explore some of the other 18,000+ islands in Indonesia? There is more to Indonesia than Bali! Indonesia is a treasure trove of tropical islands, each with their own cultural diversity and unique characteristics. Java is one of those islands, and Central Java {Yogyakarta} is a wonderful  place to explore, a city of contrasts of old traditions and new modern ways.

For those that have lived {in} and loved Yogya this is for you to remind yourself why Yogya is a must on your travels through Indonesia and for those that haven’t ventured to Yogya as yet, this is to show you why you most definitely should get yourself to Central Java to experience Yogya for yourself. I promise you’ll find many secret treasures to be had in Yogya!

So, lets look at 10 reasons to visit Yogyakarta – in photos!

1.The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the famous Borobudur Temple.

One of the many views of Candi Borobudur.
One of the many views of Candi Borobudur.

2. The Sultan’s Palace – reaped with history & culture.

Keraton Yogyakarta
Keraton Yogyakarta

3. Street food – SO MUCH food to be had!

Kepiting sambal
Kepiting sambal

4. Street art


5. Wandering small alleyways {and getting lost!}


6. A becak ride {always great fun and a good way to get around town on a hot day!}


7. More street art – in the form of sculptures! Art is everywhere!


8. The people – kind, helpful and generous!

Sate...sate...sate...@ Jalan Malioboro, Yogya

9. Shopping – batik is a popular souvenir but there are many treasures to be found in Jalan Malioboro.


10. Sunrise – overlooking Candi Borobudur and Mt. Merapi.


And that’s my 10 reasons to visit Yogyakarta {in photos}, of course, there are so many more! The list is endless when it comes to all the great things you can see and do in Jogja but these are a few of my favs!

Have you been to Yogyakarta before?

What are your favourite reasons to visit Yogyakarta?

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