10 simple reasons to get yourself to the Gili Islands

10 reasons to go to the Gilis Title Pic

When Winter sets in, I start dreaming about far away places…dreaming of warm sunshine on my skin, floating in a turquoise ocean and drinking cocktails while watching the sun set on another lazy day. Tropical islands come to mind…and first on my list is the Gili islands.

Everyone has now already heard about the infamous Gili Islands…the three little shining gems off the north-west coast of Lombok. The first time I went to the Gili Islands was in the early-nineties and it was so peacefully quiet. I truly thought that I had found paradise. Actually at that time on Gili Air, there was hardly any tourism development whatsoever – pure bliss for the intrepid traveller {me!} at that time. I was quite young when I first visited the Gili Islands. I remember I only had a small bag full of clothes and that’s all I needed. If I were to go now, I’d need a huge suitcase and some Vessi sneakers to stop my feet hurting from all the walking!

Fast forward to today and now the Gili Islands are known by thousands of people around the world, tourist numbers have sky-rocketed as more and more people; backpackers and holiday makers, hear about the isolated and idealistic islands that are the Gili islands.

The three islands that make up the Gili islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, truly do have something for everyone! Gili Trawangan is known for it’s parties every night of the week, including full moon parties throughout the dry season, Gili Meno is the perfect, quiet isle for couples and romantics at heart and Gili Air is the quaint essential for families looking for a quiet island holiday with no hassles and an array of beautiful quiet beaches to relax on.

Anyone that has been to the Gili’s loves it, and I believe will always return. It’s like a calling from those clear turquoise oceans pulling you back or perhaps it’s the swaying coconut palms calling your name in the slight breeze. Whatever it is, there’s no escaping the call from the Gili islands.

Let’s look at 10 simple reasons to get yourself to the famous Gili islands – in photos – because photos paint the perfect picture and no words are needed.

1.The ocean – perfect for swimming, gazing, lazing.

NEW Gili T ocean view

2. The views – of beaches and mountains – the best of both worlds!

Gili Air beach + mountain view

3. Sunrise – truly spectacular!

sunrise Gili T

4. Sunset – postcard perfect – everyone loves a beautiful sunset!

Sunset Gili T

5. Fresh seafood every day!

Gili Air seafood

6. Cocktails – what’s a holiday without cocktails?!

Gili Air sunset cocktails

7. No motorised transport – just ‘cidomo’ {horse-drawn cart} and bicycles.

cidomo Gili T

8. Walks along the beach {and around the islands}.

Gili Air beach walks

9. Slow island life – {lazing about in a ‘bruga’}!

bruga gili air

10. Soaking up that endless Vitamin D.

sunbaking gili air

And that’s it folks! Well, actually there are way more than ten reasons to get yourself to the Gili islands but here’s a start. I could go on and on but why not just get there and check it out for yourself!

Have you been to the Gili islands?

Which island is your favourite? Why?

Want to share another good reason as to why someone should get to the Gili islands?


  1. peregrination says

    Finally I have time to read some of your posts! Time flies too fast! It looks fantastic. I love islands! I ‘m looking to take my mum for her 70 ‘s birthday on an island. In winter, I mean our winter!!! When are you taking little Seb to his first island? xx cathy

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