2/52 2016

“A portrait of Sebastian Jaya, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

Sebastian’s cute, cheeky smiles in the morning bring me such joy. I know he recognises me now and it feels so special to be his Mama.

Sebastian has discovered his tongue, he loves to play with it; sticking it in and out of his mouth continuously. He has also discovered the joy of his bouncer, he plays in it, bounces in it, watches Sesame Street in it and sleeps in it too.

I’m still getting into the swing of this 52 week photography project, it’s certainly proving to be a challenge for me; firstly in photographing a bubba that won’t stay still {unless he is asleep, and even then he isn’t always that still!} and secondly, finding the time to focus on my photography skills to achieve the quality of photos I want. I’ll call it a work in progress  as I re-aquaint myself with my camera again. I really do hope that my photography skills improve each week.

I’m linking up with Practising Simplicity.

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