5 Favourite iPhone Apps for Learning Indonesian

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If you know me then you know that I’m totally addicted to Apps…any kind of apps and my iPhone is filled with apps…photography apps, game apps, travel apps, social media apps, organisational apps and so many more. {Yes, I definitely need more storage on my iPhone!} We all know about the great photography apps that the iPhone has on its app store. They are great for any newbie photographer, or even for professional photographers who are always on the lookout for a new photographic moment. With accessories from sites similar to Mobile Mob, your iPhone can become the best photography tool you can have to catch those fantastic moments. There is so much you can do with your iPhone. You can use your iPhone to keep track of your list of promo codes when shopping online. So, why not use your phone for another reason?

So this got me thinking that perhaps I should do a series of blog posts based on my favourite iPhone apps so that I can share these with you. And you in turn, may have other favourite apps that you want to share with me…just so that I can fill up more space on my phone! Ha!

So today I want to share with you some of my favourite iPhone Apps for learning Indonesian that hopefully will be useful for your students and maybe even for you! These Language learning apps focus on building vocabulary and are mostly interactive games. I like to keep the fun in Language learning!

5 Favourite iPhone Apps for Learning Indonesian Language

1. Rasa Bahasa {By 2and2}

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Rasa Bahasa is a fun, educational and easy to use app for learning Indonesian anywhere, anytime!
The dictionary contains Indonesian words and expressions grouped in over 30 categories. Flash cards with Indonesian and English help learners build vocabulary. A record function with correct pronunciation playback allows users to practise and perfect spoken Indonesian. Five exciting, interactive games reinforce vocabulary and allow users to enter and progress through six proficiency levels.


+ suitable for all learners

+ five unique games that reinforce learning including: swiping to place words in correct categories; matching pairs of characters to Indonesian words or pronunciation; matching Indonesian words to picture symbols

+ Learners can record their pronunciation and hear the correct pronunciation played back

+ Cultural symbols embedded in games to link language to its cultural context

+ Individual study sets can be created by users

+ Study sets can be customised for the games to reinforce learning or students can play random sets

+ Teachers can assign study sets to individuals or groups of students

+ Two speed settings: standard and fast

+ Sound on/off to suit classroom use

Find Rasa Bahasa App here.

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2. Learning Indonesian Podcasts {By Ell Pond Enterprises Inc}

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Learning Indonesian is an audio Language course in Bahasa Indonesia, which consists of a collection of high quality audio lessons covering very useful real-world topics.

This free program of basic Indonesian lessons are from the popular online program available from LearningIndonesian.com. Everything is suitable for beginners, all starting with Lesson 1 and is designed to be a small course in itself.

The method is simple: Challenge and Response.

As words and phrases are introduced, you will are asked to repeat them. As you progress through the lessons, you will be asked to recall and re-mix what you’ve already learned, fixing the material in your mind and developing recall of everything covered. It’s fast, easy and effective. That’s all there is to it!


+ Simple and easy to use!

+ Lessons 1 through 20 of the Learning Indonesian Free Program with high quality audio Indonesian lessons

+ Learn through challenge & response methodology

+ One-button 5 second rewind if you miss something

+ Supports background audio. Listen to lessons while multitasking

Find the Learning Indonesian App here.

3. Indonesian Hangman {By Moonlight Apps Ltd}

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Hangman {Indonesia} – a traditional game turned modern on your iPhone that is all in Indonesian and you can play anywhere and anytime.


+ Thousands of words divided into more than 30 categories

+ Only words in Bahasa Indonesia

+ Play Online and you can play with friends or with other opponents from the Game Centre

Find the Hangman {Indonesia} App here.

4. Indonesian Word Search {By Grant Christie}

Indo Wordsearch App Pic Collage

Indonesian Word Search is an easy and fun game and learning tool for revising vocabulary and perfecting spelling skills. The words have been carefully chosen by two experienced Language teachers with over 40 years of combined teaching experience to ensure that the words and categories are useful and relevant.


+ Word lists from popular Bahasa Indonesia Language courses

+ Word Lists: Indonesian Categories include:

Animals, Food & Drink, Fruit & Vegetable, Family, Boy names, Girl names, Body parts, Clothes, Colors, Sports, Music & Instruments, Transport, Places, Weather, Verbs and more.

+ Local scoreboard

+ Email to friends or your teacher

Find Indonesian Word Search here.

5. iKamus Bahasa Indonesia to English Dictionary {By JustTouchIt}

iKamus App Pic Collage

iKamus is an Indonesian English dictionary app – for all your dictionary and translation needs. {Because we all need a handy dictionary on our iPhone at our easy finger tips!}

Unlike other electronic dictionary apps, iKamus is designed to recreate one’s experience using a pocket book dictionary. Rather than typing a word to use in a word search function, you can search each page and turn pages to find your word. And along the way, you peek at other words and learn about them as well.

To fast forward from page to page, try to push the arrow button and hold it. Look at the top of your page, and stop when it shows your desired page. It will skip to that page.

*For English to Indonesia dictionary, please check out eKamus.

Find iKamus Indonesia to English Dictionary here.

And that’s it folks – my fav five Indonesian Language learning iPhone apps! I hope my fav five are useful to you and that there is at least one new app in there for you to play with.

What are your favourite iPhone apps for learning Indonesian?


  1. mark ryan says

    hi just been thinking about apps
    have found two recently for younger students
    belajar abc and kancil dan buaya both very colourful and lots of fun

    • indospired says

      Hi Mark – thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes there are some great apps for younger students, specifically aimed at native speakers which are useful for our students too. I like the Kancil app too. 🙂

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