5 Favourite iPhone Apps for Travel in Indonesia

My 5 Favourite iPhone Apps

Haloooooo! Here we are back again to continue with my 5 Favourite iPhone App Series, where I’m sharing with you my 5 fav apps on various different topics each week for four weeks. Last week, we looked at my 5 fav iPhone Apps for learning Indonesian. You can check it out here.

Today to follow on with my 5 Fav iPhone App Series, I’m focussing on my 5 fav iPhone apps for travel in Indonesia. Of course when it comes to travel {anywhere in the world} my go to apps are Trip Advisor and Agoda. I can’t live without them prior to travelling and whilst on the road. Seriously – THE best! I’m sure you’d all agree. They give you so much inspiration for not only where to go, but also what to do when you’re there. This Westpac guide is also a must if you need a little helping saving up for your next experience.

And whenever I travel to Indonesia specifically, I’m always on the look out for a new travel app to download as I think they are one of the most difficult apps to find. There are quite a few out there but when it comes to quality and accuracy, it can be quite difficult to find just the right thing. I’ve also found it almost impossible to find a travel app that covers all of Indonesia. I know…I guess this is quite understandable…imagine developing an app and all the information to cover all 18,000 islands in Indonesia!? Almost impossible, right? If ONLY I had the time and the money to do it! I’d do it, for sure! {It would be a lifetime project ha!}

But let’s get into it.

My 5 Favourite iPhone Apps for Travel in Indonesia

1. Little Miss Bali {By DYNOMIC}

Little Miss Bali App PicLittle Miss Bali is possibly one the most well known travel apps for Indonesia, however be aware that as its title suggests, it’s ONLY about Bali {and mostly the southern end of Bali} and does not cover other places in Indonesia. So, if you are travelling to Bali – this is definitely the app for you and I’d highly recommend it!

Even though I have been travelling to Bali since I was 14 years old and I have lived there for an extended period of time too, I still find the app useful with it’s current and up-to-date info on various topics. Bali is forever developing and from year to year when I am there, I notice changes all the time. One year’s favourite restaurant or bar may not even be there the following year! So it’s great to have this up-to-date info right in your hand!

The Little Miss Bali app contains some of the best personal recommendations for hotels, villas, places to eat, shopping, surfing, babysitting and much, much, more. It will also keep you up to date with Bali weather forecasts, the current exchange rate for the Indonesian Rupiah to the Australian dollar and more importantly contact details for the Australian Consulate and Medical Centres and hospitals in Bali too.

Little Miss Bali is the must have guide for enjoying Bali, don’t leave home without it.

Find Little Miss Bali App here.

2. The Lembongan Traveller {By Lisa White}

Lembongan Traveller App Pic

Another wonderful travel app for Indonesia but again as its title suggests, The Lembongan Traveller App is your guide to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan {two small islands off Bali}. Book your next holiday and escape to a villa, resort or bungalow with crystal clear waters and a laid back village vibe only 30 minutes from Bali.

The Lembongan Traveller app covers all the things you might want to do and the information needed to do it. By day you can relax by the pool, surf, dive, snorkel, treat yourself to a massage or take time out doing yoga. If you are a keen yoga fan, you might even be able to find a yoga teachers training course to pass the time. By night enjoy cocktails, dining at warungs renowned for their local cuisine or indulge in a culinary experience at one of the island’s most popular restaurants. Topics cover: Stay, Eat, Play, Relax, Transfers from Bali, Island Info, Weddings and Events, Day Trips and other Useful info. There’s heaps of up-to-date info in this app!

The Lembongan Traveller is 100% Australian owned, and offers the service of contacting them via phone or email for FREE advice on where to stay, what to do, best places to eat, family friendly help and any other questions you may have. Not a bad service! So, if you are planning a trip to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Ceningan, this is the app for you!

Find The Lembongan Traveller App here.

3. Triposo – Indonesia

Triposo Indo App NEW

Triposo is the ultimate travel guide app that covers the whole world. The app will help you decide where to sleep, what to see and what to do. And also, help you book your trip effortlessly. Triposo covers every country and thousands of cities. It’s free and it works offline.

I’ve only just recently discovered this app and it seems quite good, with loads of info. Indonesian Background info includes; Nightlife, Intro, History, Culture, Phrasebook, Wildlife, Architecture and so much more.

For each destination you get:

• Offline maps, offline routing and offline city walks.
• A complete guide to all the attractions and sights. You won’t miss a thing!
• All the information you need to decide what hotel to book, what room to get and a smooth way to make your reservation.
• Book attractions tickets, experiences and guided tours right from the app with the same easy checkout process.
• The best bars, clubs, shops, restaurants and the tools to find exactly the places you are looking for.
• Smart suggestions to surprise you with hidden gems to discover.
• With one simple in-app purchase you get expert advice from Fodor’s travel writers.

Find Triposo App here.

4. Discover Indonesia {By Mahoni Global Inc}

Discover Indo Travel App Pic

The Discover Indonesia app is specifically for tourism in Indonesia, which contains articles and info relating to various destinations in Indonesia and includes some of the most well known tourist objects and tours such as; Orangutan Tour and Komodo Tour.

Every article is completed by beautiful pictures related to the objects of interest. Here, you can find many recommendations for some favorite places that are suitable for holidays, trekking or even a honeymoon.

Features topics such as; Indonesian Cultural Diversity, Ethics, History, Islands, Heritage, Ceremonies, Flora and Fauna and so much more. And also covers great details about various places and islands such as; Jakarta, Banten, Bali, Borneo, Bangka-Belitung Islands, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra, East Nusa Tenggara, Komodo Island, Maluku, Nusa Tenggara, Riau Islands, Thousand Islands, Lombok, Yogyakarta and West Papua. So much to explore!

Find Discover Indonesia App here.

5. Triip – Indonesia Offline Travel Guide App {By Ho Hai}

Triip App Pic

A very complete Indonesian offline travel guide from Wikivoyage is now available in your hand and available for use offline anywhere you go, with great information and frequent updates.

The app covers major attractions like Jakarta, Baliem Valley, Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, Sumatra {incl. the Riau Islands and Bangka-Belitung}, Kalimantan {Borneo}, Java {incl. Karimun Jawa, a Thousand Islands, and Madura}, Bali, Sulawesi {Celebes}, Maluku {Moluccas}, and Papua {Irian Jaya} etc. Almost all destinations in Indonesia in one app. It’s pretty cool.

No more tiny text, no more double tap to zoom in. You are in complete control of the font size you want to read. And you can bookmark any favorite articles for later enjoyment.


– Enjoy the full text and offline photos of all Wikivoyage articles about Indonesia.
– Fast to use.
– Easy to navigate.
– All images are beautifully formatted.
– Search for any destinations in Indonesia, keywords within the app or within any articles.
– Bookmark your favorite articles at one tap.
– Best reading experience by customising font size.
– Database is updated frequently.

Find Triip App here.

And that’s it for another week of my 5 Fav iPhone Apps Series.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that there are some new apps featured here that will make your next adventure to Indonesia easier and perhaps you might even discover some new places to go and see!

Watch out for next weeks post in the 5 Fav iPhone Apps Series. I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite Literacy apps for the Indonesian Language Classroom. And there are so many good ones to share!

What are your favourite iPhone Apps for Travel in Indonesia?

I’d love to add some more apps to my Travel folder!


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