Welcome to my world of art…where I like to get creative!

Mosaic Collage 1

Since I was young I have always loved anything creative from writing {this now pays my bills!} to photography, drawing, painting and basically anything arty-farty. I’ve tried lots of different forms of art and craft, and various mediums over the years. However, some years ago now, I experimented with mosaic and …

I. Fell. In. Love.

Mosaic art for me is both creative and therapeutic, and each artwork is an original, unique piece of art.

A lot of my mosaic motifs and designs are inspired by Indonesia. From simple symbology such as; the sun motif to more complex designs {such as the top photo below} based on the Dayak motif of Kalimantan.

I have created mosaic artworks in all shapes and sizes such as;

  • wooden wall hangings
  • table tops
  • coasters
  • bamboo trays
  • bird baths
  • terracotta pots
  • house number plaques
  • picture frames and … just about anything really.

I love that I can recycle an old object that’s hanging around the yard or home and magically turn it into a new treasure.

I dream of one day owning my forever home and creating and designing huge mosaic murals on the walls. Eeeek. I would love to mosaic a whole wall of a bathroom or a kitchen splash-back. Oh what fun!

Mosaic Collage 2

Mosaic birdbath Collage

If you are interested in an original custom-made and designed mosaic artwork, then please contact me via email {} to discuss your special artwork further.

I would love to help you turn an old treasure into something new for your garden or home or school.

Mosaic Slim NEW Collage