Bintang Flores Hotel – Labuanbajo

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After a couple of days in Manado…I headed back to Bali for more than a week. Relaxed by the pool, caught up with good friends and enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle of Bali. Usually I don’t spend long in Bali on my travels to Indonesia, but this time I actually found joy in the experience! It was nice to unwind after the long journey through Sulawesi…

After a week, I was ready to hit the road again. I flew from Bali to Labuan bajo…and was heading back to Flores for the second time!Last trip I had stayed at the budget ‘Gardena’ (which was nice but very simple!) but this time I decided to try the upmarket Bintang Flores Hotel right on the beach. I wasn’t disappointed with the luxury of this hotel. The pool was very cool! My plan was to stay for a couple of nights and then head off on another road trip to explore more of West Flores, places which I didn’t venture to last time.

I can certainly recommend the Bintang Flores Hotel, as a quieter, more upmarket option of hotels in Labuan bajo, particularly due to it’s location, which is a little bit out of town and sits on the white, sandy beach.

It was nice to be back in Flores…the quiet atmosphere and simplicity of life is what I really enjoy!

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