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Have you discovered it yet? Have you explored the newest and greatest resource for Indonesian Language Learning?

Well, if you haven’t yet explored the Language Learning Space by Education Services Australia then you really ought to check it out!

No longer will you need to ask, “how long does it take to speak fluently?“.

Today I want to run you through the main features and highlights of the Indonesian Language Learning Space {LLS} and show you how this could just be the greatest resource your students have ever seen and experienced. {And I’m not just saying that because I just happened to work on this project but because it REALLY REALLY is very cool! Seriously!}

I believe the Language Learning Space has something for everyone and it is jam packed with resources for teachers and students!

Ultimately learning a language can be an incredibly rewarding process. Who knows where completing a language school course could take you in the future?

Okay, let’s check it out!

LLS Title Pic

To access the Language Learning Space you must have a Scootle log-in {there’s a simple self-registration process that you can follow to do this}. Once you have your Scootle log-in then you can use it to log-in to access the Language Learning Space. Or you can log-in via your education network such as; Catholic Network Australia, New South Wales Education & Communities, ACT Government and Training, South Australia Department of Education and Child Development, amongst others.

Once you log-in to the site as ‘I’m a Teacher’, you’ll be presented with the;

  • Home page

The Home page and your Dashboard provides information on How to use the Language Learning Space such as; How to use the site, The power of story in the LLS, New to Indonesian, Combining Challenges to explore a topic, theme or concept for advanced students and The student view of the LLS.

The Home page also features links at the top of the screen to; Your Classes, Challenges, Resource Bank, Showcase, Connect and Professional Learning. This is where you’ll find loads of awesome links to a wide variety of resources.

Also, make sure you select the tab at the top right-hand side of the screen; ‘A teacher of Indonesian’ to ensure you are logged into and able to access all the Indonesian resources easily.

Let’s take a closer look…

LLS Graphic pic screengrab

  • Challenges

There are 30 Challenges on the site with Teacher notes, Extension Activities, Training Activities and a variety of Quizzes. These Challenges were written by Indonesian teachers from all across Australia and bring with them a wealth of teaching and learning Indonesian language knowledge as well as cultural understandings. Your students will need to complete the Challenge training and test in order to join Grace, Leroy and Adi on their adventures across the Indonesian archipelago through the exciting graphic novel adventures at the end of each training. Plus you can upload your own Challenges too.

Challenges are devised for second language learners at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced stages. You may choose which Challenges you want your students to work on or you may just want your students to explore the Challenges at their own will. It’s totally up to you! If you’re looking to devise your own unique challenges for your students, you could consider using this crossword puzzle maker to make resources for helping push their language skills!

*This PDF document {on the Home page} provides a list of all Indonesian Challenges and shows a spread of the Challenges at a glance, providing information such as; topics and levels for each Challenge.

Or find a full list with links to launch all Challenges here.

You can also upload your own Challenge, to cover specific topics or concepts of your choice and to blend with your school’s concept learning curriculum. The process is easy, all you have to do is;

  • Create a title for the challenge
  • Select resources from the Resource Bank or your own files
  • Order them in sequence
  • Add some vocabulary if required {Indonesian or English and/or audio}
  • Add an assessment activity (Multiple Choice, Matching pairs, Assignment {e.g. audio file,text or PPT}
  • Add some student instructions
  • Decide whether to share the file with other teachers
  • Add an image and badge
  • Publish.

LLS Challenges screenshot sample

  • Graphic Novels

The LLS draws heavily on the power of storytelling to engage, empower and excite learners of Indonesian {I LOVE this!}. Students read, view and listen to a wide variety of stories in Indonesian in the Challenge Trainings and have opportunities to discuss, analyse and compare and contrast these and to create their own unique stories using the language skills and the intercultural understandings they have acquired.

Each Challenge Training results in students entering the graphic novel scenario. Your students will become familiar with Grace, Leroy and Adi, who will take them on adventures across the Indonesian archipelago and to other parts of the world too, where they can build on their language skills while being immersed in authentic cultural contexts. The visuals, as you can see one sample of below, are very authentic and will automatically transport your students into the world of Indonesia. The graphic novels are SO cool!

LLS Borobudur screenshot

  • Resource Bank

The Resource Bank provides you with 300+ LLS Resources that can be searched by key words or filtered from the dropdown menu. You can also upload your own resources such as; worksheets, audio files and other resources or find resources uploaded by other teachers. These can be assigned to students and/or included in the challenges that you have made.

Check out the Resource Bank here.

LLS Brosur Indonesia Indah Tur screenshot
Sample of a Travel Brochure resource from the Resource Bank
  • Bahasa Bites

Bahasa Bites includes a variety of 14 videos developed by Education Services Australia and two practising teachers of Indonesian; Pak Kevin and Ibu Diyah star in these fun and quirky videos made especially for the LLS to support a range of language and cultural components related to key learning objectives derived from the Australian Curriculum: Indonesian.

The Bahasa Bites videos will introduce students to a range of topics from spices, the weather, how to make a date to the movies and how to bargain through to what to pack for a trip to Bali. Check out the list of Bahasa Bites videos here or you can search for Bahasa Bites in the Resource Bank.

  • Showcase

Showcase is a substantial collection of materials that will really engage your students in learning Indonesian. There are courses of study, units of work and comprehensive student support materials that can be found here.

Resources in the Showcase Gallery of the site includes; free access to the:

Rasa Bahasa App – a fun and user-friendly app that helps build vocabulary and perfect pronunciation through flash cards, interactive games across six levels and a record and playback function. Download for FREE and you can practice your vocabulary anywhere, at anytime!

Rasa Bahasa App Collage

Inanimate Alice Episodes in Indonesian – Inanimate Alice is a transmedia concept in reading, which combines elements of the written word, digital still photography, moving image, music, sound effects and computer gaming. Explore the four episodes which have been translated into Indonesian.

– Inanimate Alice Interactive Journals 1 and 2: Alice in Jakarta and Kalimantan – these Interactive Journals re-creates the experiences of Alice, a first–time visitor to Indonesia. She travels to Jakarta and Kalimantan, creating a journal that includes videos, photos and games that help her to learn some Indonesian words and become immersed in the Indonesian culture.

Inanimate Alice Travel Journals screenshot

World Student Indonesia: Visiting Indonesia for the First Time – a FREE handy guide for those who are visiting Indonesia for the first time. Find out all you need to know to make your trip a success.

Get the most out of your first visit to Indonesia with this guide designed specifically for teachers, school students and tour leaders of school groups. Find great tips for school visits, gift-giving and eating out. Get a list of books, websites and films that provide insights into contemporary Indonesia. Explore topics such as ‘Etiquette’, ‘Health and Safety’ and ‘Culture Shock’. This free guide, prepared by a long-term traveller to Indonesia {Oh, that’s me!}, will prepare you for the trip of your lifetime and enable you to get the most out of a unique experience.

The World Student Indonesia e-book guide can also be found on Google Play for free download.

World Student Indonesia Screenshot

Languages Online Web Version and App – access the complete suite of 16 topics from the popular ‘Languages Online’ for beginner students of Indonesian. For more topics, download the app.

West One resources – find a rich selection of resources in these Indonesian Units 1-3 developed by West One Services and based on the Western Australian Curriculum Council’s Senior Secondary Course 2007.

– Indonesian Lecture Series from Geoff Woollams – this lecture series produced by the University of the Sunshine Coast and featuring Dr Geoff Woollams comprises videos and accompanying powerpoints to explain some of the more complex grammatical structures of Indonesian.

– New Land New Language – Teacher Guide and Stages 1, 2 & 3 {sequenced units}, and

– The Language Market: Indonesian.

For more information and links, check out the Showcase Gallery here.

  • Connect

Practise speaking and listening. Make professional connections. This section gives teachers and students ways to make links with others in Indonesia and within Australia. Including links and information to; the LLS Indonesian Tutor Service, the LLS Facebook page, Sister School Guide: Indonesia, Language Associations – find a PDF doc here, the indospired Blog {YAY!}, Scootle Community and the We Link Website.

  • Tutor

Register for free tutorial lessons with a Denpasar-based IALF {Indonesia Australia Language Foundation} – Bali LLS Tutor: Indonesian. This is a FREE Tutorial service provided for all Indonesian Language students and teachers in Australia. Have you heard of anything so awesome before?! This is definitely a first and I know lots of teachers are taking full advantage of this FREE service!

LLS Tutor Service Pic

Great source of information and links, and another opportunity to connect to other Languages teachers.

There are a wide variety of Professional Learning Modules available to explore on the site, which cover Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese and also some general modules for all Languages teachers. Just select the ‘Filter’ tab to select Indonesian.

– 11 Indonesian Language Specific Professional Learning Modules

Over 10 hours of video, practical examples, term planners, tips and strategies. Watch how experienced teachers of Indonesian create great learning environments for their students through diverse topics.

  • Inanimate Alice Teacher Guide: Indonesia

This exciting transmedia set of resources will complement your existing suite of teaching materials.

  • Promoting Indonesia {and Indonesian}: A Case Study

This case study shows how one school revamped its language program and energised the whole school.

  • Professional Standards for Language Teachers: Indonesian

Map language specific standards against the AITSL standards then look at some key videos.

  • Australian Curriculum: Making Your Texts ‘Pop’

Stuck for ideas when it comes to choosing texts to use in the language classroom? A focus on ‘Laskar Pelangi’.

  • Sister school Guide: Indonesia

Initiate, nourish and sustain a great sister school relationship.

  • ICT for the Language Classroom: Indonesian

Leap into ICT and learn how to integrate this in your Indonesian language classroom.

  • Focus on Indonesia Across the Primary School Curriculum

Explore some great links and resources for literacy, the Arts, history and geography.

  • Focus on Indonesia Across the Secondary School Curriculum

English, history, geography and the Arts. Find some great links and resources.

  • Setting Up an Indonesian Language Program

Want to set up a language program at your school? Everything you need to get started is here.

  • Using Games in your Indonesian Classroom

Find some great games to support Indonesian language learning.

  • The Australian Curriculum: Indonesian

Unpack the Australian Curriculum: Indonesian, from theory to practice.

LLS PL Modules Screenshot

*And if that’s NOT enough to keep you happy…. you can access some FREE LLS Indonesian posters for your classroom – just email:

Woah! That’s a lot of resources and information. I suggest you take your time to explore the LLS site slowly and get to know all the features and benefits for you and your students. I promise you’ll find something in there that will assist in motivating your students and ensure to bring some excitement back into your Languages program and classroom curriculum. And definitely take some time to explore a few Challenges and their integrated graphic novels for yourself to get a feel for how they work and what language and cultural components have been integrated, it’s sure to get you excited to explore more!

I do hope that you and your students enjoy using the Indonesian Language Learning Space for many, many years to come! So much work has gone into this site by so many different people, I truly believe it’s a wonderful resource {and I have to say THE BEST project that I have worked on to date!}.

Selamat menikmati LLS, ya!

If you have any feedback about the LLS site or any further queries, please feel free to comment below, as I’d love to hear your feedback about the resources available on the site or how you might be finding it useful in your Indonesian classroom.

*All images used in this blog post are copyright Education Services Australia.


    • indospired says

      Thanks Lucy! I think Indonesian is a great second language for Aussie kids to learn, being our closest neighbour and all! 😉
      The Language Learning Space was definitely a great project to work on, consumed all of my time last year and I loved every minute of it! Thanks for stopping by!

    • indospired says

      So glad you have used the LLS extensively Mark – that’s great! I love hearing any feedback about it! If ONLY every resource was available offline! {my data usage is killing me atm ha!} I know data usage and networking is difficult to manage in schools.

  1. Peter Sales says

    Is access to this resource still available?

    I am teaching Indonesian in NSW Stage 4 and the link to the teacher dashboard goes to a blank page.

    Kind regards

    • indospired says

      Hi Peter, Yes the LLS is still available, if I open the main web page then I get both the teacher and student log in pages. Perhaps contact LLS Education Services Australia and they’ll be able to help you out, I’m sure. Good luck and hope you find the LLS useful in your Indonesian classes. 🙂

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