Letter to Sebastian Jaya – 12 months old


To my dear little Sebastian Jaya,

Happy 12 months my sweetheart! Wow! You are one whole year old! I really can’t believe how quick this year has flown by. To think that this time last year I was waiting anxiously to meet you, not sure exactly what day you were going to make your grand appearance…but it was to be on the 20th October {rather than your due date of the 14th of November}. Such a special day for us. I’ve read about the soul’s of babies choosing their parents, and I thank you so very much for choosing me to be your Mama…us to be your parents. I’m so, so grateful every single day.

First photo of you earthbound.
First photo of you earthbound.

I haven’t written to you for four months now, life has been busy watching you grow and change. So, let’s take a look at the last four months and all the changes in you.





So many changes over the past 12 months. My little skinny premmie baby has turned into a strong, solid little bubba. You have so much personality! You love being tickled and I love hearing your giggles. You also like to test us out with things that make us laugh and when we do laugh, you’ll do it over and over again to get our laughs. You test us with your cheeky shenanigans and sometimes it takes us all we know not to smile or laugh when you are being naughty!

You’ve had your 12 month check up at the Maternal and Child Health Nurse, and you now weigh 10.475 kgs {NOT a LITTLE Bubba anymore!} and you are 79 cm tall. You are such a tall boy, such long legs Bubba! I still wonder will you be a swimmer or a basketball player?! You’ve become so tall that about one month ago we had to lower your cot so you couldn’t climb out!


You’ve been crawling commando style for a long while now and you’ve also started crawling tradition style too {that came afterwards}, you can get around really fast. And on the 8th of September {at approx. 10 and a half months old}, after weeks and weeks of trying really hard, you finally worked out how to stand up. You held onto the coffee table with one knee bent and one leg straightened out and suddenly you pushed up and lifted yourself up into a standing position. I’m not sure who was more excited, me or you!? I was pretty stoked, I’d been watching you for weeks trying to get into that standing position, it was definitely trial and error, and you finally worked it out. Not to mention that you wouldn’t have your day naps for a few weeks because you were being so determined to try and get that standing up thing sorted out. And now that you’ve worked it out, all you want to do is to stand up. {Ironic that all I want to do is sit down!} I promptly cleaned the coffee table of all valuables as I knew everything was fair game now.

You have worked out how to walk around the coffee table by holding on with your hands and shuffling those little feet, taking little steps forward or side-ways. I know it won’t be long before you are standing up on your own and then you’ll be walking. Oh my goodness!

Your hair has grown so long, it’s still very fair and when it’s wet after a bath I see that there are little curls forming at the back of your neck. Oh, how I love the little curls. Your eyelashes have grown so long too. You currently have eight teeth, four down the bottom and four up top. They have proved to be a right pain {literally!}, some have taken forever and a day to come through and you have persisted through the pain. I’ve even taken him to the Dentist Newmarket on various occasions to help with the pain.

Toothie #8 just starting to cut through.

You still love your food, possibly more and more. You’ll pretty much eat anything {thank goodness for that!}, you still love yoghurt and custard the best but at 11 months you began eating pretty much anything that we were having for dinner; tuna pasta, lasagne, slow cooked pork and lamb shanks and vegetables, even my home-made sausage rolls {always a hit! And heaps of hidden veggies in there!}. Nutella pancakes on the weekend go down a treat! For snacks you love cheese and rice crackers. You’re definitely a Vegemite kid my little man, loving some Vegemite on toast! {Don’t tell your Papa who refuses to eat vegemite, and prefers Promite! Ugh!} Now I can’t wait for Summer to be upon us so that you can try lots of fresh yummy tropical fruits. So many foods for you to still try.

Vegemite face!

As well as listening to kids music daily, your favourite things right now are Twirlywoos and Teletubbies. You can actually stand still for a whole episode of Twirlywoos just watching intently. You absolutely LOVE it! {I like it too btw!} You still love playing on the Jolly Jumper and you can do so many new tricks! You jump, swing, twirl around and go crazy on that thing, sometimes to the point that the whole frame moves, which scares the hell out of me. You love playing with your Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack {Rings}, you throw them and roll them around the floor and then chase them all over the place. We also play a game where we roll them to each other across the coffee table, you giggle through that game with such delight.

Little Converse man!

You still love going for walks in the pram, we go out for a walk most days. And I’m looking forward to the weather warming up more so that we can get out more, especially down to the beach. Summer is going to be so much fun, you have the whole beach to explore and your little tootsies haven’t even touched the salt water yet. You love bath time, so I can’t imagine your delight when you see and experience that whole big bath of an ocean! I’m even thinking of getting a car seat stroller combo sorted for you so that when it comes to these trips it will be so easy to get you there. I’ve even started looking at the Best Car Seat Stroller Combos for 2020: Baby Travel Systems Rated & Reviewed, just to make sure you get the best one.

In the pram going for a walk.

You talk and sing a lot and sometimes VERY loudly! It’s very cute to hear you sing along to shows on TV that you like. Still your two fav words are “Da-da” and “Ma-Ma-Ma”. At 12 months you are into everything and anything; you are obsessed with all my Indonesian books on the bookcase and love to pull them off the shelf one by one. Also my rattan box of recipe books, you pull them out one by one too. You also love to pull the shoes off the shoe rack, pulling them off one by one. Things are being moved on a daily basis, all being moved up higher out of reach where possible. You are certainly keeping us on our toes little man!


My little ‘WILD ONE’ – you are a little wild and a little crazy and I wouldn’t want you any other way. This is you Sebastian, you are unique and have such a big personality full of cheekiness and such determination. When you smile at me, my heart just melts. Your big blue eyes sparkle and shine so beautifully. So very blessed to have you in our lives. You really are a bundle of joy and bring joy to all those around you. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a gorgeous little man in my life but one thing I’m sure of is that the world is a much, much brighter place with you in it. I’ll be forever grateful for you. My little Bubba. My Sebby. My little cutie.


Love you to the moon and back Sebastian, and my love just grows more and more each day. I can’t wait for the next year of adventures with you in our lives.

Love you always and forever, Mama xxx


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