Letter to Sebastian Jaya – 13 months old


Dear Sebastian {my funny little man},

I just wanted to fill you in on what’s been happening over the last month and a half, it has been a big month for you. You turned one! You’re not a little baby any more, I see the little boy that you are developing into, your own you. Independent, impatient, cheeky, curious, funny, wilful, playful…always on the go, you. It brings me so much joy to watch you grow and learn so many new things.

We celebrated your birthday with just our little family of three {Da-da took the day off work to spend this special day with you!}. We started the day by filling up your cot with balloons {that we’d blown up the night before already to go for the morning} and you absolutely LOVED it! You had so much fun playing in your cot with all the balloons.



You had your regular breaky of weetbix and stewed pears and then it was time to open your presents. You loved grabbing all your presents and throwing them on the floor. Once we got the pressies open then you were pretty happy with what you received. After your morning nap, we headed to Il Fornaio on Acland Street for brunch. You enjoyed sharing both Da-da’s and my meals plus a banana smoothie.


After brunch we walked up to the St.Kilda Botanical Gardens and walked all around the gardens, it was such a lovely day with perfect weather, blue skies and lots of warm sunshine. It was perfect! We played in the gardens for a while and you had a great time pulling all the grass out and eating it. 😉



After the gardens, we walked home and it was time for your afternoon nap. Da-da had a great surprise planned for later on, he got you a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake! And boy was it pretty awesome! I’ve never had an ice cream cake as delicious as that before and I’m pretty sure you loved it too as you devoured a huge slice! It was soooo good! And so, of course, we decided that we had set the tradition for the years to come, and you will have ice cream cake for your birthday {Guess whose idea that was?!}. Not a bad family birthday tradition to have. You did well kid!


On the 14th November we celebrated your second birthday, this was your ‘due-date day’ {not your corrected age} and thus it is also a special date to us. Da-da got you a surprise rainbow cake {I didn’t even know about it!} and you totally smashed that cake! It was yummy too and oh so pretty. And thus another birthday tradition was formed, a second birthday celebration with cake on your ‘due date day’.




Other than celebrating your birthday and eating a whole lot of cake, we’ve had lots of walks around our little village {St.Kilda} and quite a few trips to the beach and the park in our street. You love going to the park and you are quite intrigued with the swing, you love it.




Your new favourite pastime is pulling pegs off the clothes dryer and sometimes grabbing undies and throwing them around the lounge room! Yep, it’s a great game…for you! Ha! You still LOVE having a bath, but now you like to stand up in the bath and walk around. Oh, you also enjoy trying to sneak into the bathroom {if the door is accidentally left open} and you climb up on the foot stool and try to get into the bath. And the kitchen has become a great place to hang out; you can open some of the kitchen drawers and you like to close the fridge door if it is open {even when I’m just trying to get something out of the fridge!}, it’s great that you are so energy efficient! You haven’t worked out how to open the fridge door yet, thank goodness!

You’re still having two day-time naps, mostly fighting them off with a vengeance, however once you have fallen asleep then you mostly have good long naps. Will you ever stop resisting sleep?!

You also went to your very first Pridham family reunion, as soon as you saw all those people {strange, unfamiliar faces to you}, you dropped your lip and started to cry. Quite the grand entrance for the first time meeting your extended family! Haha! But, in all seriousness, it was a new situation for you with lots of new people to face and you bravely settled in after a while. You did well my little man, it was a big day out for you.

We’ve also spent a lot of time visiting your Pop-pop in hospital, he has been extremely ill. We almost lost your Pop-pop around the time of your birthday, it was a very tough time for us. Some dark days were had but your Pop-pop has such great strength and determination that he fought through it and he is slowly gaining strength and getting better. I’m so very grateful that your Pop-pop’s health has improved greatly, it’s quite unbelievable as he was so very sick but a blessing to us all. It’s a big day for us when we go to visit but I love to see you and your Pop-pop together. You, Sebastian, are also my special little blessing in life, I truly believe you came to us to bring us joy and laughter, even in the most difficult times.

Summer has arrived and Christmas is upon us Sebby, it won’t be long at all and we will be celebrating Christmas. Your second Christmas and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the pressies and food {especially the food!} this year. I am praying that your Pop-pop will be home for Christmas so that we can all celebrate Christmas together and have a happy day, a day filled with joy and blessings with family. This is what Christmas is!

I can’t wait for the next few months of Summer, Sebastian, I long for days at the beach, some ‘soothing for the soul’ ocean time, soaking up the sun and just playing and being with you. Perhaps some late night strolls along the beach on balmy evenings, when sleep prevails us. Possibly lots of gelato and sorbet. I can’t wait to just spend more time with you and watch you grow and learn some more.

Love you so much my little man.

Love always and forever,

Mama xxx

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