Letter to Sebastian Jaya – 18 months old

To my dear little Sebastian,

My goodness little man, another two months have passed us by so quickly. You’ve turned 18 months! One and a half years old! Really?! And I have seen so many changes in you at this 18 month milestone. You are really turning into your own little person with so much personality and your cheeky antics, OH. MY. GOODNESS!

At 17 months I noticed your very first freckle on your left shoulder…so tiny and cute. Yes, I take in every single inch of you my love and try to soak you up so that I won’t forget all these very special milestones and memories and so that they’ll be etched into my mind for a life time. I don’t want to forget a single thing!

I may or may not have given you a chocolate chip cookie so that you would sit still on the couch for a photo – 17 months old.

At 18 months you are loving life! You LOVE to build towers and structures with your big blocks. Towers that are taller than you little man, and you’re tall! You are obsessed with balancing objects/toys on top of each other. It’s pretty impressive! You play and build for long stretches of time, totally entranced in what you are doing.

You are not only walking but you are running! Your little legs and feet go so fast down the corridor at home…and at the supermarket when we bravely let you out of the pram when you get grumpy because you want to walk/run up and down the aisles at the supermarket.

Sometimes you do the cutest things…like when I’m hanging washing out I sometimes drop a sock and you will walk on over and pick it up and hand it to me. So cute! You still have a peg obsession, although now you like to pull them off the line and try to put them back on again. It’s clever.

You also like to climb…climb on top of things, under things and through things. You like to investigate things; how wheels turn, how the bath tap turns on and off and how doors open and close. Your Da-da saw you the other day studying the hinge on a kitchen cupboard door. You are so fascinated with the way things work, it makes me think your little brain is working overtime sometimes. You also now love bubbles and we often blow bubbles for fun at bath time. You love playing hide and seek, your little giggles when you are hiding from me is the cutest thing. You love playing all your musical instruments too and you’re obsessed with your fire engine!

You have a few new words; Oh-ohh, although you prefer to say “Oh-oh-oh- ohh!” – it’s more dramatic that way! Ha! You can also say “bau” {meaning ‘smells bad’}, your first Indonesian word!

We visited the Maternal Health Nurse this week and at 18 months you are 12.29 kgs and 85 cm tall. Still ranging tall in the 75th percentile. Pretty good for my little premmie man! Our appointment went well, we discussed the 18 month milestones and you are right on track with almost everything. The nurse asked me if you were going to childcare or whether I was still at home with you. I told her that I am still at home with you. She said, “That’s wonderful!” And I said; “It is isn’t it, because I will never have this opportunity again.” And it’s as simple as that my little Sebby, you are my one and only, and you always will be, that’s just how it is so why would I want to put you into care and not enjoy this time for what it is. A time that we will never get back again. I wouldn’t swap this precious time with you for the greatest job on earth! {*Although a jackpot on Tattslotto wouldn’t go astray!} Next week we have a doctors appointment for your immunisations. It’s a busy time this 18 month milestone and you are also very busy all day long Sebastian.

You’ve had your second Easter. Easter…a favourite time of year for me. {Easter = chocolate!}

Investigating your very first Lindt bunny!
The bell is tasty?!
Easter 2017 outfit.

This Easter felt like it was the real deal as this year you were old enough to eat chocolate! OH. MY. GOODNESS. You love chocolate! I’m not surprised when your Mama and your Da-da both LOVE chocolate! Awesome…we’re all chocoholics. Oh dear…help!

You had your first Easter egg hunt. While you had your midday nap, we had a great time setting up the eggs around the lounge room for you to find. It was the funniest Easter egg hunt ever as you didn’t want to put the eggs you found in the basket! You wanted to carry them around with you…well actually, I think you didn’t want to risk putting them down incase you lost them {i.e. Mama or Da-da might take them and eat them! Smart little man!!}. Of course you found all the eggs!

Eating an easter egg while still hunting for more!
Stash from Easter egg hunt!
Easter presents 2017

We have spent lots of time going for long walks down the beach, the weather through Autumn has been so perfect, many days of blue skies and warm sunshine. This has been a favourite time for both of us, good for the soul to see the ocean and breathe in that salty sea air. So good. So pretty our little village.

As Autumn heads towards an end and we brace ourselves for a new season, a cold Winter, I start to think about cooking yummy homemade soups to warm our hearts and souls. I’ve been dreaming about ‘soto ayam’ {Indonesian chicken soup}. We’re also preparing for a new adventure…new seasons…new memories.

Sebastian, I love watching you grow and learn and change…but as we head on into the next six months and your second birthday…say what? I’m not even sure how that happens, but here we are heading into toddlerhood and tantrums and everything in between. I wish I could slow it all down just a little bit, but as sure as the seasons are changing, I am reminded that nothing stays the same, the only constant IS change.

I love you my sweetheart and I always will. We are all so lucky to have you here.

Love forever, Mama xxx

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