Letter to Sebastian Jaya – 8 months & 3 days old

Letter to SJ 8 months old Title pic

To my little sweetheart – Sebastian,

Well, you have hit eight months old, my little man! And today you are eight months and three days old…you’ve been out in the real world for as long as you were growing inside me. I know, it’s definitely more fun for you {and me!} to be out in the real world! Not long before you were born, I remember vividly having a dream about you telling me that you just wanted to come out and play! I knew then that it wouldn’t be long before I would meet you! And I was right! You weren’t going to hang around on the inside for nine months! And now that you are here…you definitely love to play!

You are alert, inquisitive about everything around you, cheeky, funny, wriggly, impatient and just a tad naughty! You love exploring everything. And I love you just the way you are! I can see that already you love life and you want to make the most of every minute…you are definitely not one to sit still. You’re going to be a go-getter, little man!

27 to 30 weeks old collage

Updated 31 weeks to 8 months old collage

SJ 8 months old collage
8 months old

I’ve seen big changes in you Bubba, you have grown so much! You look like a little boy now, you are no longer my little Bubba! {Although you’ll always be my little Bubba, even when you are 21 years old…you’ll still be my little Bubba!}. You have your first two teeth and I have a sneaky suspicion that your top teeth might be on their way down too. If your teeth continue to come through like this, it won’t be long until we will have to schedule a dental appointment for you. Wow, how quick has that gone. It will probably be somewhere similar to this Dentist in La Habra so we can make sure that we do everything to keep your teeth clean and your oral health great, even at this early stage in your life. There are many other things that are happening in your life as well. Your hair has grown longer and fuller too. Some days you even have crazy bed hair haha! {I love it!} Sometimes your Papa and I do crazy hair styles for you! Hehehe. And you have the cheekiest smile with a twinkle in your eyes.

SJ with mohawk

We had our eighth month check up with the Maternal & Child Health Nurse….you came in weighing 8545 grams, which is crazy to think my little premmie Bubba now weighs that much! And you’re now 71.5cm long. Your legs are so long! You are definitely going to be a tall boy.

Winter has arrived, your first winter ever. We went out and got you a couple of Bonds Winter Snugglesuits to keep you warm on these cold winter nights. Winter is also a fun time for beanie wearing! The cold doesn’t seem to be bothering you as yet, you’ve always been a warm bubba {you definitely kept me warm as toast last winter!}, although the full brunt of winter has not yet arrived. We’ve had lots of cold mornings and nights but the days have mostly been filled with glorious sunshine so we have been going for lots of walks. You love going for a walk in the pram, taking in your surroundings and often having a nap.

Winter beanie fun

SJ 8 months old orange beanie kid

Mother’s Day came and went…my first time to celebrate this very special day! To be honest, I had got to the point where I thought that I would never get to celebrate this day for me, only to celebrate my own Mum. It was a bitter sweet day for me, as my Mum {your Gran} was very unwell with the flu so we cancelled all plans to visit and celebrate the day. We stayed home, your Papa cooked me brunch and spoiled me with chocolates and flowers! {THE first time ever that he has bought me flowers! Yay! Let’s have Mother’s Day every week! Well, really it should be Mother’s Day every day…don’t you forget that!}

We also went to Free Comic Book Day, we had an early start to get the tram into the city to pick-up our free comics. Boy, did you score well. You got 13 free comics from our first stop at All Star Comics! We then headed to Artists Lane and got you an illustration of Batman. Pretty cool! Then we headed to Comics R Us, after that we felt that you’d had your fill of comics as you were getting tired. You napped in the pram and we did a bit of shopping before heading home.

Free Comic Book Day

Batman illo by Andrew Fitzgerald
Batman by Andrew Fitzgerald

We haven’t done a lot over the last couple of months, mostly hanging out at home and going out locally for walks down the beach. Taking things quietly and just enjoying every day with you, watching you grow and learn.

Things I especially LOVE right now; the big smile on your face when your Papa gets home from work! Oh my, it is just the sweetest thing! You hear the keys in the door and you know that it’s your Papa home from work. You just stare up at him with the biggest smile on your face! It’s THE cutest thing ever!

I’m still in love with your big blue eyes! I gaze at them in the sunlight and there are specks of other colours in them but mostly they are the prettiest of blues. I really never expected to have a blue eyed Bubba. And so many people {random people in the street, in a restaurant, on the tram} remark that you have the most beautiful eyes. All I can do is agree!

SJ beautiful blue eyed bubba

Your chatter all day long is adorable, you have so many new sounds. I thought I heard you say “Mama” but I think it was more of a “Ma-ma-ma-ma!” or maybe it was “Bah-bah-bah”! Ha! You also sing in the mornings, well it sounds like singing to me. And you still love blowing raspberries and have a whole repertoire of blowing type sounds.

Day naps are still a special time for me, lately I’ve taken to nursing you again, like I used to, it’s just such a special time for us and I know that one day I’m going to miss this so much. To put everything on hold and just have the luxury of just holding, cuddling, nursing you for as long as you want to sleep be it 30 minutes or be it two hours, it’s really special. *It’s a great excuse to put off the washing, dishes or cleaning! And oh my goodness, your face when you wake up is just so cute! It’s THE most adorable thing.

SJ after nap

The ‘selfie’ – you LOVE it! You love looking at yourself in the mirror, well, I think you find it quite fascinating. So, of course, you love looking at yourself on the iPhone; on selfie mode. I have so many selfie photos of you. So funny! You are very funny Sebastian.

Selfies SJ
The many “selfie” faces!

We’re just starting a whole new routine, the 8 month routine and heading towards 12 months {OMG crazy!}, which involves less milk feeds and less naps during the day. I’m not sure how happy you are about this {especially less milk!} and I’m not sure if you are actually ready for all this change. You still need your naps, you get grumpy if you don’t get enough sleep, even if you only have cat naps.

Part of our new routine is three meals a day and two snacks for morning tea and afternoon tea. You’ve been having three meals a day for quite some time now but we’ve just introduced the additional snacks. It now feels like our days revolve around food, food and more food! How we squeeze everything into the day I don’t know…food, play, sleep, food, play, food, sleep, food, play, food! And so it goes on and on. You LOVE yoghurt and custard. I think you could eat yoghurt all day long if you had your way! You’ve got the taste for avo, you like to suck it off your toast. You love breakfast, you gobble up your Weetbix with stewed fruit with a huge gusto. You’ve tried lots of different foods and tastes but you still have so many to try! It’s so funny watching your expressions when you try new things, there’s no hiding what you don’t like…and what you like too!

Well, ‘little man’, I am so thrilled that we have made it to 8 months, it really feels like a big milestone to me, a turning point in many ways. I’ve been emotional thinking about the last 8 months and looking at photos from the last 8 months. Only 4 more months and you’ll be one year old and if time goes as quickly as it has thus far, this is just around the corner! It’s truly crazy how fast time flies. I love hanging out with you every day Bubba, I wouldn’t have it any other way! And when you smile at me, my heart just bursts with love!

As always, I look forward to the next adventures with you Sebastian!

Love you so much Bubba. So so much!

Love Mama xxx

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