Letter to Sebastian Jaya – 3 months

Letter to Sebastian Jaya 3 months Title pic

To my darling little Sebastian Jaya,

It’s hard to believe that you are three months old already! How time flies…it really does! It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that daddy and I were putting up those nursery wall decals in your room. Little did we know, a couple of days later, we were going to welcome you into the world. We had so much fun decorating your nursery, I hope you love it as much as we do!

Seb 9-12 weeks old collageThree months is such a sweet age…and you have made our lives so sweet! You now recognise your Papa and I, and when I go into your room to get you up each morning, you are all smiles! You have the cutest little face; all wide eyed with this great big smile waiting for me. You also like to have little chats with me after your morning feed, I hold you up on my shoulder and you look around so curiously; checking out what’s happening on the street and looking at all the things on the bookcase and you chatter to me. Now that you have discovered your tongue {which you are constantly playing with, sticking it out all the time! I take no offence to this!}, you can make all sorts of new noises…and it’s just as if you are trying to talk. If only I knew what you were thinking and saying.


So many celebrations in the last month.

We celebrated your first Christmas, such a special Christmas for my family! And just like that, I was excited to celebrate Christmas Day…you gave me a reason to be excited about Christmas again and I realised that I had my own little miracle baby to cherish so dearly. I didn’t want anything for Christmas this year, I already had the greatest gift ever! You! Of course, you had no idea what was going on but we did! I wrapped your presents up and your Papa and I opened them up for you! 😉


I couldn’t resist dressing you as a Christmas Elf…sooo cute!

We also celebrated your Papa’s birthday {and of course your Aunty Heidi’s birthday too!} – we all went out for lunch at the Newmarket Hotel…we had tapas and lots of Sangria. You were so good, you dozed in your pram for a little while and then you were happy to be passed around the table and held and cuddled by family and friends. You really are no fuss at all when we go out, it’s as if you are on your best behaviour. Such a good boy.


The New Year came and went…I didn’t know if I would be able to stay awake till midnight to see the new year in but I managed it! We put you to bed at 9.30pm {as per usual} and your Papa and I had a quiet night with a few ciders on the balcony, it was a hot, balmy night and we sat and talked for hours, until early hours of the morning. I sat and pondered the new year and my new life as a Mama to you Bubba. Excited about what is in store for us, my little family of three, and all the changes in you that we are going to witness along the way. So excited to see you grow and change and become your own little human self.

Your first Summer and it has been a shocker! We’ve had super high temperatures into the 40’s, so lots of days with milk on tap whenever you wanted it {to ensure you stayed hydrated} and quiet days at home staying cool, just hanging out in your bouncer, which you now enjoy {it took some time!}.




We are starting to find our groove and get a routine into place {well, mostly!}…around Christmas time we decided it was time to move you into your cot. You were getting too big for the bassinet and seemed to be hating it as you couldn’t stretch out like you like to do. First we moved the bassinet into your room and you slept in there for a few nights then we decided you were ready to move into your cot. Worked a treat! You love it! You sleep from 9 – 9.30pm after your bottle {which has rapidly increased from 100 mls to 150 – 160 mls! Boy, do you love your milk! You can’t seem to get enough of it!} and you sleep through until anywhere from 6.30 to 8am. After a morning feed you often go back to your cot and have another little nap. You are such a good sleeper and I know how lucky I am that I don’t have to get up through the night anymore. Pleaseeeee stay this way! Forever! {Hehehe}

So tiny in your big cot!

Our days are not so consistent with the routine but we are slowly getting there. You watch a little bit of TV in the morning, you really like Sesame Street – I think it’s Elmo mostly as he is red and he attracts your attention. The other day you also enjoyed the Wiggles {perhaps it was the bright colours again} and you were kicking your legs like crazy…you were almost dancing to their songs. You also have a play twice a day {mostly} on your piano gym thingy that you got for Christmas. Its great, as you love to kick your legs, you can play the piano quite easily! As for touching the hanging things, not so much. You then do tummy time, which you are now starting to enjoy a bit more.


Your favourite amusement at the moment is your mobile above the change table – you are obsessed with it! We swing it around for you and you stare at it, smile and even laugh! Yes, you have started to laugh already, no sound really comes out but you are laughing and your whole body shakes when you giggle.



Life with you Bubba is sweet…I’m still amazed and in disbelief that I am a Mama and I have a son! WT..?! I never thought it would happen…and it did. Every single day I count my blessings and thank ‘whoever is up there’ for sending me you! I truly feel so grateful for this gift…you, Sebastian! I’m so lucky to have you! You really do bring joy into our lives and your Papa and I smother you with kisses!

I look forward to the next month with you sweetheart, and seeing all the changes to come; watching you talk more, becoming more confident with tummy time and probably lots more dribbles…and giggles!

Love you Bubba, always and forever.

Mama xxx


  1. Peregrinationgourmande says

    What a big boy!!! You let your mummy sleep ! That s perfect! I m very happy to meet you very soon! Love from France! Cathy

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