Letter to Sebastian Jaya – And now you are three!

To my dear Sebastian Jaya,

And now you are three, my little man! A big boy! It’s hard to believe that you have been earth bound for three whole years and yet it’s hard to remember what life felt like before you arrived. Lots of reminiscing has been going on in my mind over the last few weeks and I’ve shed many grateful tears. I’m so very grateful that you chose me to be your Mama and you came into our lives when you did. I still feel totally blessed. I’m also grateful that you are healthy and happy, and here we are at three years old.

I wanted to write and tell you all about your third birthday celebrations but first, let’s take a look at how much you have grown over the last few months. So many growth spurts as you headed towards three years old.


So, onto your birthday celebrations – we had the best three days celebrating the BIG 3! On the Friday, the day before your birthday, we visited your Gran and Pop-Pop and you were spoilt with many presents {of course!}. You were so excited that you were jumping up and down. You got a big red double-decker London Bus, which you were very happy with. You also got a Thomas train and Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzles and a couple of books. Anything Thomas is a HUGE hit with you at the moment, you are totally obsessed. You love the Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzles, we do them together and then you spend the longest time just studying the pictures and naming Thomas and all his friends.

On the Saturday, the 20th of October, your birthday, we surprised you with a coffee table full of presents and lots of balloons filling the lounge room. You loved all the balloons and went around telling us what colour each one was and repeating the number ‘3’! You opened all your presents excitedly and we spent all morning building train tracks through the apartment and playing trains. Unfortunately it was a cold, wet day, spoiling all our plans to go out for a walk down the beach and go to the gardens and the playground but you are at your happiest when you are playing trains at home. We did go out for a walk in the afternoon when the sun came out to shine for a little while.

Birthday morning – opening presents.
Looking at some of your birthday books. You absolutely love the Thomas and Friends Character Encyclopedia. *I knew you would!

So, on your birthday evening we presented you with an M&M cookie surrounded by salted caramel profiteroles {you’re not into cake much atm} so a cookie it was for you. We sang Happy Birthday to you and your slightly shy yet happy little smile will never be forgotten. For this birthday, your third birthday, you really understood what was going on and it was so much fun. Once we had sung to you, Dada helped you blow out the candles and then you said; “On, on, on!” – you wanted the candles lit again and for us to sing again. This game continued many times, I think you may have blown the candles out 5 or 6 times in the end. We let you sing, you sang “Happy Birthday to Archie!” – hehehe the funniest thing! We think it was because your Dada had mentioned that Archie was coming to your birthday party. I have THE BEST videos of you singing Happy Birthday, the “Hip Hip Hooray” is gold! I could have watched you all night long singing and blowing out the candles but we had to stop as the candles had almost melted down to nothing.

The next day, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we had a little party for you at home with some family and friends, just a small gathering but it was the most lovely afternoon. You were so excited about Archie coming to visit, definitely a highlight for you. You loved opening all your presents and you played happily while the adults chatted over drinks and snacks. I made you a chocolate cake and decorated it with an M&M rainbow {You LOVE M&M’s atm!} and we sang Happy Birthday to you. I loved watching your reaction to everyone singing to you, you were a little shy about it but you also took it in your stride and stood tall and proud. Oh, Sebby, such a lovely weekend celebrating you! We love you dearly and just want to see you happy with that cute little smile on your face always.

So over the last couple of weeks since your birthday, we’ve spent lots of time playing with all your new presents including; doing lots of jig-saw puzzles, playing with the Duplo Lego and Play-Doh with your cool new tool box.

Your most favourite thing at three years old is Thomas and friends, you play trains every single day, you also like to watch videos of trains and practise making all the different train noises. Yep, totally train obsessed. You also LOVE to play hide-and-seek, and it’s the funniest game. Out of nowhere you will cover your eyes up with both hands and very quickly count out loud from 1 to 10 {almost always missing number 8}, and then you say a funny little phrase, I’m still not sure what you actually say, but it’s along the lines of Coming ready or not…but you say “hiding!” at the end. Then you creep around looking, however in a small apartment unfortunately there are not too many hiding places but you love it. When it’s your time to hide, it’s also very funny.

Playing hide-and-seek.

You also love to ring your Gran on the phone. This game started when we were in Malaysia and it has continued since we got home. Almost every day you ring Gran and have a chat. It’s the cutest thing.

We’ve been getting back into a bit of painting again lately too. I really love your paintings. You painted mini artworks, which I made into thank you cards to send off to family and friends who gave you birthday presents. So cute.

Sebastian, you are talking so much now, often playing the parrot mimicking everything we say. It’s pretty funny. You also LOVE to sing, always singing, even whilst playing. There’s also lot’s of imaginative play going on, Thomas and Friends chatting to each other all day long. I love to hear your little voice chattering away in the background whilst you are playing.

So, my little man, now that your birthday is done and dusted, the count down is on until Christmas, dare I say it, only seven and a bit weeks till Christmas. Ahhhh that’s crazy. I honestly don’t know where this year went, I really feel like I blinked and missed it. So fast, way too fast. Just as you are growing way too fast, Seb.

And so as the seasons keep on changing, so do you my little man but in my heart you will always be my little baby. I’m so proud of you Sebastian and I can’t wait to be there beside you through the next seasons around the sun.

Love you always Sebastian, my funny, cheeky little man.

Love Mama xxx

P.S. Bring on Summer and lots of beach days! We’re going to have so much fun! 🙂

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