Letter to Sebastian Jaya: Welcome to the world

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To my dear little Sebastian Jaya,

Welcome to the world little one!

My heart is so full of love and I feel so grateful to finally meet you! It felt like an eternity {it was actually 36 weeks and 3 days!} waiting to meet you; the one who liked to kick, knee and wriggle around 24/7, to see your face, to look into your eyes and to give you a cuddle.

I will never forget your arrival into the world, I was scared and excited all at once and your Papa sat next to me, ever so supportive and expectant on meeting you too. It was your scream I heard first, and I’ve never been so happy to hear a baby scream, as I knew you must have been healthy. When I first set eyes on you, I reached out to touch your tiny little hand and I said “hello” through tears of joy before you were whisked away to have your umbilical cord cut by Papa and to be weighed {you weighed 3.5 kgs} and given the all medical once over. Before long you were placed onto my chest and the realisation that you were my baby hit home {or maybe I should say that I was YOUR Mama}.

Sebastian Birth Day

Sebastian on scales

We spent five days in hospital at St.Vincents Private and I never heard you cry once, you squeaked a lot. Yes, you squeaked and you were so cute and tiny swaddled up in a blanket. You slept in a bassinet right next to my bed and never left my side. I didn’t want to take my eyes off you.

Sebastian in hossie bassinet

Bringing you home for the first time was scary and exciting too, so surreal, it was the beginning of a whole new chapter in our lives. And now that you’ve been home with us for two months, we are slowly getting into a routine {well, as much as a routine as we can do! I’ll keep working at this!}.

Your first month at home you were smothered in love and attention from both your Papa {who took one month off work to be with us!} and I. We all slept together in our bedroom, you in your bassinet beside our bed so you were close to us and we could attend to your every need.

You are such a good little boy;  you’re a good feeder. You were a little bit slow putting on weight in the beginning while we both got used to the whole breast feeding thing and you had a bit of jaundice too but after one month you packed on the pounds and you can’t seem to get enough milk now! You cry and put your fingers {sometimes your whole hand!} in your mouth to let me know when you are hungry.

You sleep a lot {well, all through the night anyway, except for waking for feeds!} but around six weeks old you decided you didn’t really like sleeping during the day. I think you are too inquisitive to sleep! There’s so much to look at! Life’s too exciting to sleep anyway, right?! Lately the only way you will sleep is curled up in my arms. And that’s okay with me.

You have the hiccups a lot, I remember you also had the hiccups a lot when you were still inside me too.

You have a wriggly bum and when you are upset, you throw your little arms and legs around. You throw punches with those little fists. I wonder if you’ll be a boxer. {I hope not! Maybe martial arts is better?!}

You are a cheeky monkey at times…you make us laugh. You pull some of the cutest, funniest faces! This is an absolute fav of mine!


You love having a bath! When you are upset {mostly when you have wind} we put you in the bath and you go all zen-like! Quiet and still. I think you are a water-baby. Well you love the water, just like your Mama does. I let Papa do the bathing thing, he’s good at it, I just assist by getting the face washer and the towel ready and I also play paparazzi and take loads of photos. It’s just when you get out of the bath that you scream and cry until you are all dried and dressed again.

Sebastian zenlike in bath

We’ve gone through hundreds of nappies – good to know all is working well down there. You have even managed to wee and poo on us! You once did a great aim with shooting poo all over your Papa! All we can say is; lucky you are cute! All is forgiven.

Oh, while we’re talking about bodily functions; you do the loudest farts! {I say, just like your Papa! Haha!} They are so loud that we can hear them from the other end of the apartment. Once or twice I have even blamed your Papa – I thought it was him but it was actually you!

Your other favourite pastimes are pulling Papa’s beard, you love doing that! And you like to gaze at your Batman doll, your ‘Foxy’ toy and also the photos of you up on the wall in your nursery.

Sebastian + Foxy

You have the softest skin and smell so good {mostly!}. Your eyes are a dark blue-grey colour – I wonder where you inherited them from? And wonder whether they will change and what colour they will change to. You have tiny milk bubbles on your nose, they are so cute! {However they are nearly all gone now at 7 weeks.} Your tiny hands have the cutest little dimples on them. And you have long legs and feet, so perhaps you will be a basketball player.

You love having cuddles with your Papa, I see you gazing up at him intensely and I often catch the two of you a sleep on the couch, you lying in his arms or on his lap. I love seeing the two of you just hanging out together. I can see you two are going to be the best of mates.

Sebastian + Papa in ergo carrier

You’ve been absolutely spoilt with beautiful gifts from family and friends…so many gifts! Even some arriving in the mail from the other side of the world. So lucky! Everyone loves you Bubba! Your grandparents adore you. Your Gran {my Mum} is absolutely besotted with you. She loves seeing you and just cuddling you for the longest time ever. She waited a long time to be a grandmother and finally you arrived into our lives. Such a blessing!

Sebastian Jaya birth to two months old collageSebastian, you have made your Papa and I so very happy. You’ve made our dreams of becoming parents come true and I feel like we are complete now that you are in our lives. We are going to have so many fun adventures together.

Love you little bubba.

Love your Mama xxx


  1. Peregrinationgourmande says

    Hey little boy! You remind me a lot of my gingerboy ! I love the carrier which your papa uses. I had one like this but gingerboy hated it! I m very happy to meet you in person very soon. Lots of love from France. Xx cathy

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