Monkey Magic – Book Review

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I won a book on Twitter! I randomly followed some prompts and found that I was one of three to win a book called ‘Monkey Magic – The curse of Mukada’ by Grant S. Clark.

It’s a children’s book that takes the reader on a journey to the jungles of Borneo.
The main character is an eleven year old girl named Romy, who visits the island of Borneo with her scientist father, who has been sent there on assignment to find out what is causing the orangutans of Mukada Nature Reserve to fall sick and head to the coast.

Romy has a ‘magical’ journey in the jungle and meets the orangutans up close and personal whilst investigating the mystery that surrounds the orangutans. Romy comes to the realisation that she alone has the magic spirit to break the curse that has brought suffering to generations of orangutans.

Highly recommended as a story telling resource for primary aged children – one which takes them on an adventure to the jungles of Borneo to meet the orangutans and also one that inspires thought regarding the current conservation issues of illegal logging in Indonesia and protection of the jungles and the orangutans natural habitat.

*A note: Watch out for Monkey Magic 2 which takes you on a journey to The Great Wall of China – looks like an Asian Studies theme is the focus.

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