I just found this great app – MORFO! I just had to share it! Check out these videos that I made – it was so quick and easy! And fun!

Do you use apps in the Languages classroom? I think apps are a great way to encourage and motivate learners in the Languages classroom. Any age learners…I even had fun playing with this app that I am featuring today. {Although, I am an app addict!}

So, all you have to do is download the MORFO app, you can choose to take a photo of yourself or use one of the sample characters, and then you can record your audio-video…it’s as simple as that! Once your recording is complete, you have the option to save the video, email the video or upload the video to Facebook. {Or upload it to your blog!}

While playing around with the app, I made two sample videos. One using a picture of me {I do look kind of freaky!} and one video using the cat {kucing} image, which is included in the app. Both were fun, although I think students would love using their own photos. You know what students are like, they love seeing themselves on the big screen {or little screen if you are using iPads and iPhones. Ha!}

Check out the video samples below and then check out the Morfo app for yourself. I really do think this would be a great app to use in the Languages classroom. Students can really focus on their pronunciation and communication skills.

What a great tool for assessing; reading, listening and speaking in the Indonesian classroom!

Morfo App Julie Sample1

Morfo App Julie Sample2

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