Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women {Ubud}

Seniwati Gallery Title Pic

Seniwati – made up of two words – ‘seni‘ meaning ‘art’ and ‘wati‘ meaning ‘women’, isn’t just an art gallery…On my last visit to Bali in November – December 2011, whilst in Ubud for a few days…I just had to venture to the Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women. It just wasn’t a trip to Ubud without getting lost in the art galleries….and I did get lost in the Seniwati Gallery for quite some time…it was an opportunity to lose myself in the diverse exhibitions of traditional and modern art works. Some artworks bold and bright…and others subtle and finely detailed.

The Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women was founded in 1991, due to the lack of awareness and support of women artists in Bali at that time. It is the only women’s gallery in the whole of Indonesia! The idea behind the establishment of the gallery was to provide an outlet for female artists to display or promote their artworks. The gallery today is a famous, respected gallery in Bali.

The gallery exhibits works by more than 70 Balinese, Indonesian and resident foreign women artists, and supports women artists to travel overseas to exhibit their art works or to further their studies.

The gallery also ensures the continued art of females by cultivating students at a young age, by running weekly educational art workshops for young Balinese girl artists, to develop and encourage their talents, skills and confidence.

The galleries mission is:
“Expose the world to the long understated brilliance of Balinese women artists, encourage Balinese girl’s creativity, assist talented women to market their art”.

And while I was wandering around the gallery, I fell in love with a painting…’Buddha’ by Sri Supriyatini. I just had to buy it! The earthy red tones and the rustic texture of the paint entranced me!

Seniwati Gallery Buddha pic

Sri Supriyatini was born in Yogyakarta, the capital of Central Java, and she studied art there at the Indonesian Institute of Art. After graduation she went to Bali to lecture at the University of Udayana in Denpasar, and married into a Balinese family.

Sri Supriyatini has exhibited her artworks locally in Indonesia and internationally such as; London, Germany and Australia, and is one of the ten founder member-artists of the Seniwati Gallery.

Of her art she says;

“This life is full of harshness and softness, which are always changing and full of colour. So too are the feelings of my heart, which I try to express on canvas. I choose sculpted objects, mossy stones, and tones which bring joy to my life”.

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