Tantalising Togean Islands

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27 November 2010

Kadadiri Island was a little piece of heaven in the Togean Islands. The very long journey was well worth it!

After a couple of days staying in Ampana, it was time to get the ferry to the Togean Islands…since 1995 when I last travelled to Sulawesi, I have wanted to go to the Togean Islands. But in 1995, the roads were so flooded I was unfortunately unable to travel any further on from Poso.

So, today is the day…I am heading to the Togean Islands! Blue skies and a hot sun beating down on me…nothing was stopping me this time! Many small islands make up the Togean Islands, however most islands only have one or two family-run guesthouses thus they can’t really accommodate loads of tourists {although that being said, loads of tourists don’t really make it this far!}. However, Kadadiri Island has a few more options of places to stay and has become most popular with tourists, with a small but lively beach scene. I decided to stay on Kadadiri Island. I travelled on the KM. Duta Samudra Ferry for approximately four hours from Ampana to Wakai, the largest settlement in the Togean Islands. I was delightfully entertained by four young local children singing and the beautiful scenery.

Kadadiri boat trip pic collage

I enjoyed the quietness of Kadadiri Island for one week….pure bliss! The days were quiet, most tourists staying on the island went off on diving trips all day, that left the beach quiet for us tourists that don’t dive. Walks along the small sandy cove, swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters, soaking up the sun, hanging out in the hammock – reading, sleeping. This is what REAL holidays are, right? I’m so glad that I invested in a snorkel mask as it allowed me to experience something that I never thought I would. I can’t wait to be able to do it again, hopefully it won’t be too long.

And dusk brought with it some spectacular sunsets…we would sit out on the jetty and watch the sun disappear on the horizon. And after dinner, there was always some social activities such as; bonfires on the beach, guitar playing and singing, cold beers…oh and I do recall some drinking games may have taken place. It was a great atmosphere with a bonding of cultures – various tourists and locals.

Do yourself a favour…and get yourself here for some R&R! Oh, the diving is supposed to be awesome too!

Kadadiri Island Beach Pic Collage

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