Yogya Street Art {Photo Diary}

Yogya Street Art Photo Diary Title Pic

I LOVE STREET ART…of any kind and any where!

Where ever I travel to in this wonderful world of ours, I always allow time to wander the streets and alley-ways and hunt out street art. It’s seriously a favourite past-time of mine and I love capturing all the creativity through my camera lens. Other times, I’ll be wandering the streets of a big city or a small village and street art will appear just around the corner…where I was least expecting it…that’s what I call a happy accident!

Yogyakarta {fondly known at Yogya} in Central Java is one of my favourite places to explore the streets and alley-ways for street art. There are all kinds of surprises around every corner! I love to see art and creativity all around me…totally fills me with inspiration and makes me want to break out the paints and paint brushes.

So, today I’m sharing with you a Photo Diary of Yogya Street Art. Perhaps you’ll also find some creative inspiration.

Italian woman street art pic

B+W girl street art Pic

Frog street art Pic

Green face lady street art Pic

Red Angry bird street art Pic

Yogya boy + girl street art Pic

Yogya Man street art + becak Pic

Wayang street art Pic

Pink girl street art Pic

Street art + becaks Pic


*Check out my next post on Yogya Street Art {Photo Diary – Part II} for more images of street art.

Have you found any awesome street art in Indonesia lately? 

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