Dazzling Danau Poso

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24th November 2010

After moving hotels to ‘Hotel Pison’, closer to the centre of Rantepao and spending a day recovering from the grand funeral ceremony, it was time to hit the road again. I hired a new driver with an old car and headed north to Pendolo, on the south end of Danau Poso – Lake Poso in Central Sulawesi.

My driver was really nice…but we were having trouble with the car as it kept overheating and we had to keep stopping every ten minutes or so…and fill up the car with water. I was getting worried that we might not even make it to Danau Poso….but the car struggled on and we eventually arrived.

Danau Poso is the third biggest lake in Indonesia…and was a spectacular sight when we finally did arrive in the very late afternoon. The morning views were also truly sensational! So peaceful.

Danau Poso Pic Collage

I only stayed a night in Pendolo, at ‘Mulia Poso Lake Hotel’, in a cottage on the edge of the white sandy beach of the lake. Then it was time to hit the road yet again, heading to Ampana…but we were struck again with car trouble! Most of our journey for the day was through dense mountains…and we had to keep stopping to fill the car up with water as there was a definite leak. Then we were running low on water and had to try and stop at small streams or waterfalls on the side of the road in the mountains.

The journey was tiring with all the stops that we had…at random locations on the road. My lovely driver then had an idea…he said that he needed to look for a banana, of the right ripeness, and he could use the skin to wrap around and block the hole! Where were we going to find bananas!? Believe it or not…we did eventually find the ripened banana and my driver fixed the hole…amazing! Such a true example of the resourcefulness and sustainability of Indonesians.

After the long days drive…I was anxious to get to Ampana and then onto the peacefulness of the Togean Islands.

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