Heading to Banjarmasin and beyond!

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9th November, 2011

Woke up early again!!! Aduh!…what is going on? Me…who loves to sleep-in, is now on holidays and in the habit of waking up at 5 – 5.30am!!! This is crazy! But I enjoyed hanging out in my luxury hotel room and watching Indo TV! Hehehee…

I checked out of my hotel at 12pm and headed to the airport for my Trigana Air flight at 1.40pm Pangkalan Bun to Banjarmasin. I was ready for the next leg of my adventure! I had no idea what to expect of Banjarmasin! I planned to hang out in Banjarmasin for a few days, check out this city and then head north to the Derawan Archipelago! (More to come on that later!)

At the airport I met a lovely group of teachers from Surabaya, who were visiting local schools in Kalimantan. They were very friendly and of course very keen to chat with me (in English and Indonesian). They told me that they had been to Australia for student/teacher exchange. I realised yet again that it really is a small world…as we chatted about schools that we both knew in Victoria!

Flight was late, as per usual! (Jam karet khan..?) and ended up arriving in Banjarmasin about 4pm. I shared a taxi with a local couple as it seemed that there were lack of taxis at the airport, so I thought it would be quicker to share. It was pouring rain and as we drove from the airport to the city, I watched the streets begin to flood! FInally, after a very long drive, I reached ‘A Hotel Banjarmasin’ where I was staying for the night, pre-booked by a friend.

I happily booked into the 4-star hotel, checked out the hotel restaurant for dinner with a salmon steak and vegies and then got settled in my room for an early night! A little TV and then sleep. I was exhausted!

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