Letter to Sebastian Jaya – 6 months old

Letter to Seb 6 months old title pic

To my darling little Sebastian Jaya,

Wow! How time is flying so fast! The weeks and months go by so quickly, and here we are at six months old! You are six months old Bubba! Half a year! How did this happen!? I can hardly believe it! And you have grown and changed so much little man!

Seb 17-20 weeks

Seb 21-24 weeks

Seb 25-26 weeks

Seb 6 month collage

You are cute, sweet, funny, cheeky, nakal {naughty}, curious and oh so lovable. With your fair hair and your big blue eyes with eye lashes that are getting so long and your cheeky smile – you are just the cutest. Your new quirky trait is the ‘Sebastian massage’ – you like to move your little hands like they are giving you a massage, you do this all the time, it’s very cute! Except when your fingers are too close together and then it’s not a massage, it’s a pinch and ouch does it hurt. It’s best not to do this when I’m nursing you Bubba, it hurts!

You have finally become chubby, especially your thighs. Oh how I love those chubby thighs! I didn’t think my tiny, skinny premmie Bubba would ever become chubby! But here you are, six months on and you are chubby and healthy. You still love your milk and you love to hold the bottle by yourself, such an independent little man. It still seems like you can’t get enough of it. My mum told me that I was the same when I was a baby, I drank so much milk…now I can’t drink it, I don’t like it at all. I think I made myself sick of it. I wonder if you will be the same or not. Some how I think you will be the same as your Papa and continue to love milk.

Probably THE biggest developmental change that has happened is…you’ve started eating! The first thing you tried was avocado, you were so hesitant about it and you pulled the funniest faces, it was like it was THE worst thing in the whole world, you really didn’t like it at all. We haven’t tried it again yet but we will in time. But you have enjoyed all the pureed fruits and vegetables that you have tried {other than avo!} and it seems that you can’t get enough of the food that we give you. Sometimes you cry when the bowl is empty, letting us know that you want more.

We got you THE best high chair, the Stokke Tripp Trapp, it’s awesome! A classic wooden Scandinavian high chair. I love it! We decided on this one as it is adjustable for any age from baby, toddler, teen and through to adulthood so this will be your chair forever Bubba. I imagine you sitting in it when you are much older, a teenager sitting at a desk doing homework or sitting having dinner at our bamboo dining table.

Seb eating at high chair

Things you love at six months old.

You still love having a bath! I really think it’s your favourite thing. We’ve had to move the baby bath {which you have almost outgrown!} into the big bath as you go so crazy in there and kick water all over the bathroom, it was getting a bit out of control and a big mess to clean up so now you can kick your legs and splash water around as much as you want without water going all over the bathroom floor and walls.

Seb in the bath 6 months old

You also LOVE your ‘Jolly Jumper‘, yep we got you a Jolly Jumper a while back, you love jumping in there and you go crazy! You are one crazy kid in that thing! You play on the Jolly Jumper at least once or twice per day. I think it’s great as you have so much energy little man, so this way you can get out some of that energy by jumping like a crazy person! And that you do!

Seb on Jolly Jumper six months old

You still love playing on your piano gym too. An old fav now. And I feel that you can fully get the most of it now, as your little hands play with all the hanging objects as well as your legs kicking the piano keys. Oh and not just your legs, I’ve also seen you play piano with your head! Ha! Such a funny little man. Tummy time is second nature now, if you are on your back then you flip straight over onto your tummy and stretch your arms out so you are arched up high! When you are on your tummy you kick your legs like crazy, trying so hard to move, to crawl, but you just can’t get there yet Bubba, but you do move around the floor doing a 360 and you can shuffle yourself off the play mat.

Seb playing piano with his head

You also love your toes at the moment…hahaha! You’ve just discovered your feet and you grab hold of them any chance you can. You are just beginning to sit up on your own, with a tiny bit of help, and you sit up and grab hold of your toes. It’s cute. And it’s lovely to see you sitting up on the couch.

The last couple of months have been busy, we’ve had lots of outings. We had ‘Sebastian’s Big Day Out’ at the St.Kilda Botanical Gardens, we invited friends and family to come and hang out with you. It was a small gathering, and such a lovely afternoon with sunshine, blue skies, champagne {for Mama!} and great company full of chatting and laughter. And you were so good, being passed around and having cuddles with all the people that came to see you.

We’ve also been to lots of Asian Food Festivals; the South East Asian Food Festival in Carlton, the Parahyangan Night Market at the Indonesian Consulate and the Indonesian Street Festival at the Queen Victoria Market. You looked on with wide eyes and curiosity. I just know you were taking it all in, all the sights and wonderful smells. We can’t wait till you can start to really try all those divine cuisines, or even better take you to Indonesia and try the ‘real deal’.

“A portrait of Sebastian Jaya, every week, for 52 weeks in 2016.”
South East Asian Food Festival
Seb Indo Street Festival
Indonesian Street Festival – Queen Victoria Market

We also went to the Andy Warhol and Ai WeiWei International Art Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria {NGV}, your first art exhibition, and you were so good. It was an awesome day; fully immersed in art and then a lovely lunch out at the Blue Train.

Ads + Seb Andy Warhol exhibition

Family of 3 Andy Warhol pop art

And THE biggest news in the last week is your first tooth has started to come through. Actually, your first two teeth are making an appearance! I’ve been waiting for this for months {yep, literally months} as you’ve been dribbling all over the place, grabbing anything you can and shoving it in your mouth so you can suck on it, or chew or gnaw on it. And last week when you were particularly grizzly, and started screaming so loud {I’ve never heard you scream like that before!}, I noticed a little teefy. Well, in actual fact I felt it, you like to grab my {well, anyones} finger and shove it in your mouth and chomp on it, I felt that sharp little tooth and it hurt! So, last weekend we went and got you Sophie the giraffe…no more chomping on my fingers, it hurts too much. You took to Sophie straight away, she’s been very helpful! And you have chomped and chewed and sucked on every part of her! I think Sophie the giraffe might be your new fav.

You’ve also discovered ‘selfies’ {this wasn’t even such a thing when I was little!}, making your way into the 21st Century, you are quite fascinated by the ‘selfie’!

Seb selfie

I have loved every minute of your first six months in the world, Sebastian. Well, to keep it real, there have of course been some tough days… and nights, but all in all, it’s been challenging {in a good way!}, real, exciting and I have learnt so much about you and myself too. It’s been so wonderful and I love our little family of three. Three – it’s my lucky number you know, and I feel so lucky right now. I can’t wait for the next six months of watching you grow and learn. I know that you will be crawling in no time at all, and if I thought I was exhausted now, I’m about to really find out what exhaustion is because I just know that you are going to want to explore everything! Your curiosity is beyond words, you like to look and see everything, always wanting to know what’s going on. And I love that about you!

Guess how much I love you? {It’s one of our fav shows to watch!}

‘A love that is bigger than the sky!’ – That’s how much I love you little Bubba.

Love your Mama xxx

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