Letter to Sebastian Jaya – 4 months

Letter to SJ 4 months Title pic

To my sweet little Sebastian Jaya,

I thought three months was the sweetest but it seems now that you are just over four months, you are even sweeter! The last month has seen so many changes! I really feel like there have been some big jumps and hurdles for you…you are growing so fast! It’s sad for me to see you change and grow so quickly {no more little squeaky newborn baby!} and yet so exciting at the same time. It’s wonderful for me to see my little premmie baby growing strong and a little chubby! Ohh do I love your chubby thighs!

13-16 weeks old SJ

That smile of yours…ohmygoodness!

Happiest SJ

DSC_9900You have outgrown your ‘newborn’ nappies and you are now into the ‘infant’ nappies…this is when it really hit me that you are not a little baby anymore. Some of your 0000 clothes, especially your Wondersuits are getting quite tight for you now and you are able to wear so many other little clothes, all the 3-6 month outfits are fitting you just great now, which is great fun for me when deciding what you should wear each day. You dress way better than me! You definitely are the coolest kid in town!

Size 1 Baby Converse
Size 1 – Baby Converse {one of many pairs in your Connie collection!}

We pretty much have the same routine as we did last month, although we are slowly trying to get you to bed a bit earlier, slowly edging it more towards 7.30-8.00pm, rather than 9.00-9.30pm, as you like it. You are still a great sleeper, although we still need to work on your day sleeps. I am trying to implement some sleep training techniques that I learned and surely but slowly, you seem to be taking to some of them pretty well. But just tell me, why is it that you love going to bed at night and you mostly sleep through the night but during the day you don’t want to have naps unless you are being cuddled by me? As much as I love to sit and cuddle you and gaze at you all day long, I also need to get some things done…like washing all your dirty clothes, cleaning, cooking, expressing milk, a bit of writing work, etc. Lucky for you, I’m going to get baby brezza soon so that you can have formula milk. This gives me more free time to spend with you! In the last couple of weeks, we have been trying really hard to get someday naps happening into your routine…and not just cat-naps in your bouncer {or in my arms} but actual periods of sleep in your cot. We are getting there with the help of your ‘Love to Dream’ sleeping bag {that sleeping bag really does work like magic!}.

Asleep in your bouncer
SJ sleeping in my arms
Asleep in my arms

You love playing on the piano gym every day, it’s a real treat. The other day you were so funny…laying on the gym mat with your hands behind your head…so laid back! You are such a funny little man! Then you shuffled yourself right off the mat! You seemed keen to get moving, your little legs kicking like crazy to move around. And ‘tummy-time’ has become such a joy, you love it and you are really good at it now. Your little neck muscles have suddenly become so strong. So proud of you Bubba. You will be sitting up on your own in no time at all.

SJ laying back at gym time

You still love the bath…I think it’s your favorite thing to do! If you could, I think you would spend all day in the water! You go crazy kicking your legs in the water and swishing around in the water, playing in the bubbles. Bath time is a great time…a special family time together. I love it just as much as you do sweetheart! I can’t wait to take you to the swimming lessons!

You had your four-month vaccinations and you were so good. Yes, you had a scream and a cry but you calmed down really quickly and within minutes you were asleep. We had some trouble getting you to sleep that night and although you woke at 3.30 am {with a poo-explosion!} you slept through till 11.15 am the next day! A mammoth sleep-in! Those injections really knock you each time you have them. And again, you sucked down that syrup so quickly. The doctor even mentioned that it won’t be long before you are ready for solids. Oh, that is going to be so much fun! I think you will really like trying all the foods…so much better than chewing on your little fingers! 😉


We also visited the nurse for your four-month check-up, we got the tick of approval on everything as you are growing and developing all on track. You weighed in at 5760 grams {almost 6 kilos, Bubba!} and you are now 63.5 cms long! Your long legs becoming chubby and so very strong! You really like standing up on your legs lately.

Whatever outings we have had, you, of course, have joined us. We’ve had trips to the city shopping, evenings out to dinner, and visits to see your Gran and Pop. You met your third cousin, Nathan {first family member from Sydney to meet you!}, which was just lovely! We also went to Benny’s birthday party at the Leinster Arms Hotel that was a big night out for you but you were so good. We also went to the St.Kilda Festival with Aunty Heidi {we always go, it’s an annual event so we had to take you even if it was only for a few hours!} and you were so good! You tried your hardest to stay awake so as not to miss anything but you did fall asleep in Papa’s arms, eventually!

SJ St.K Fesival

You are such a funny little man, so many things that you do that make us laugh! You are such a delight! Every night when your Papa gets home from work, you sit on his knee and talk to him, you tell him all about your day {well, we guess that’s what you are saying!}, you are so talkative! It’s the cutest thing to watch. You also love being lifted into the air, you think it’s so much fun and you smile and laugh whenever we do it. I love seeing you happy. You are also enjoying seeing the world from a straight/stand-up position, now that your neck muscles are so much stronger and you can hold your head up-right, I know you are viewing the world around you quite differently and it just makes you even more curious to what’s going on around you.

You still love having a bottle in the late afternoon and evening, before bed. Always guzzling it down. Lately, you’ve been reaching out to hold onto your bottle by yourself…so clever. You’re already making so many big steps at such a young age. It’s amazing and I can’t even tell you how proud I am. I can’t wait until you are at an age where I can sit with you and we can have a look at these videos, songs and rhymes that I always see on YouTube which is meant to help you learn new skills, as well as being able to have so much fun. These are all things I’m really looking forward to the little man. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

SJ holding bottle at feeding time

I still feel gratitude every single day that you are here with us and that you are healthy and happy. We are so very lucky! I remind myself every day of this. I love watching all the changes in you and so look forward to seeing you grow and change even more…becoming your own little person.

Love you Bubba…more and more every day!

Love Mama xxx

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