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9th January 2010

From Bajawa I travelled for a full day {9 hours!!!} through the rugged mountainous terrain to Labuan bajo…although the trip was really rough…the scenery was amazing! Again I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere…in the middle of huge mountains and travelling by rice fields…it was beautiful scenery but…I was excited to be heading out of the mountains {and the cold} and ending my long over-road journey of Flores. Also excited to see the sea and be on the tip of the west coast of Flores!

Arriving in Labuan bajo was a highlight…as we came around the corner into the main strip of Labuan bajo…I had a good vibe…it was a nice, small harbour town. I checked in at Gardenia Hotel, which was right in the middle of the busy action of the harbour area. I walked up the steep hill to my bungalow…there were bungalows scattered all over the hill. I had a bungalow right at the top…and once I put down my backpack and turned around to see the view…I realised it was amazing…so pretty!

The harbour was filled with outrigger fishing boats and some bigger boats for the tourists to use to the islands. There were many small islands scattered around not far out from the coast, which made the ocean look almost like a lake…so calm. It was so pretty…I sat on the balcony of my bungalow for a long time, just soaking up the pretty view. I was going to enjoy my relaxing stay in Labuan bajo!

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