Yogya Street Art {Photo Diary – Part II}

Yogya Street Art Photo diary Part 2 Title Pic

I had so much fun the other day going through all my photos of street art in Yogya to create the post Yogya Street Art {Photo Diary} that I thought I might share a few more photos with you. So I’ve created Yogya Street Art Photo Diary – Part II.

I’ve tried to include some different styled street art in this post…as you’ll see, as you scroll through the images. Street Art comes in many forms and styles. Oh, how I love the creativity of the people of Yogya. I could walk these streets for a million years and probably still never get tired. I really do love the cities and towns around the world that embrace art; any kind of art, it could be a painted wall mural, poetry on a wall, a sculpture, mosaic…anything really. It gives me a real buzz to wander the streets of a new {or old and familiar} place and look around to see art and creativity.

I can’t wait to get back to Yogyakarta and explore more streets and alley-ways, as I know there will be new surprises of art to be found, as is street art, forever changing and evolving. You gotta love it!

Enjoy the following images!

Yogya street art PD2 Lups Chook

I found quite a few works of art by LUPS…so yep, I have quite a few chook head photos.

Yogya Street art PD2 chairs in wall Tired from walking…fancy a seat?

Yogya street art PD2 Toilet Pic

Best toilet in a wall I have EVER seen.

Yogya Street art PD2 legs on house

Wouldn’t you love to decorate the walls of your house, like this? Why are we so conventional and boring…?

Yogya street art PD2 Tree of Cans

Yogya street art PD2 Legs at PO

Yogya street art PD2 Canvas on wall

Yogya street art PD2 3 Dudes + motorbike Pic

Yogya street art Hati2 boy

Yogya Street art Jogya City Pic

Thank you to the street artists of Yogya!  Love your work! xxx

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